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Meet Tanweer Alam

An engineer by profession & a photographer by passion, specializing in wedding photojournalism, portraits & street photography since 2012. To me photographs crystallizes and shapes eternal moments more beautifully than any, it enthrals you when you are gifted by your own memories as occurred in your life as a part of your life, “Drawing it silently and saying I have captured it, now it’s your turn to treasure it”.

How I shoot…

Everyone is unique in their own way and I reflect the same in my photography by capturing MOMENT from MOMENT. I prefer to meet in person prior to shoot, which helps me better to understand the personalities I capture and in providing a better familiarity & comfort on their D-DAY (Wedding) along with a still to treasure.

I would love to party with you and your family on your D-Day on the beach, at the park, in the backyard, around out bush, under the water, at the local parking lot. It doesn’t matter wherever it is what matters is a great photo and for that I’ll be there with the sleeves rolled up.

I don`t count the number of hours I spent with you or the number of clicks, what countable for me are the moments that I capture which will cherish you every time whenever you see those. That’s why I said “If a picture says thousand of words then let me share your novel through my eyes”.

When & Where I shoot…

Of course on your D-Day and I happily serve across the country. When not shooting weddings, I constantly seek new opportunities to improve my photography wherever the inspiration takes me. You can find those developmental ideas on my Facebook page or in personal folder on this website.

What I cost…

Wedding & Pre-Wedding are my specialities, but let’s sit together and discuss the same because money is something that you can’t treasure but the memories of course you’ll which I’ll create.

Also I would like to hear from you on +919711190417 / hello@tanweeralam.com


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